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Our mission is to make your brand historic with iconic, eye-catching artwork and branding.

Rout 66 Wraps & Signs Tulsa Oklahoma

Owned and operated by a team of highly creative artists and skilled marketing professionals,

we're more than just another shop with a printer.

 We’re genuinely passionate about art and branding and take great pride in producing graphics, wraps, and signs that serve our clients’ unique needs. Every project we take on is approached with the focus and respect it deserves because we know that our business can only succeed if our clients’ businesses succeed.

While signs, vehicle wraps, and fleet graphics are our specialty, we also provide a wide range of vinyl lettering and design services, including banners, fence wraps, window graphics, wall murals, and custom painting. We have even painted the exterior of our own building to give you an idea of what we can do, and our premises are fast becoming an iconic landmark on the historic U.S. Route 66.

Steven J. Howie is the mastermind of Route 66 Wraps & Signs. With over 28 years in the graphics industry, Steven has a wealth of experience to draw upon for every new project. He is highly creative, incredibly driven, and totally passionate about art and design.
Steven isn’t the type of owner that leaves inexperienced designers to take care of his clients’ projects. Instead, he’s hard at work every day, using his expertise to make every project as impactful as possible. He is involved in every step of the way – from creating iconic graphics to overseeing the fabrication and the installation of the wraps and signs themselves.
Steven’s dedication to his craft is second to none because he understands that behind every logo, sign or graphic is a person who depends upon that branding to provide for their family. He believes that every business can be elevated with the right branding; he knows that art has the power to evoke concepts, ideas, and feelings that no other medium could ever achieve.

Paul M. Ross is our creative marketing expert that helps to build iconic brands for each of Route 66 Wraps & Signs’ clients. A graduate from Oral Roberts University, Paul has a wealth of marketing and branding experience. One of his best-known brands is Tulsa’s iconic recycling mascot, Mr. Murph. The ‘Feed Mr. Murph’ slogan has truly captured the hearts of Tulsa residents. Mr. Murph’s recycling theme song, educational resources, and interactive programs have hugely impacted the Tulsa community and helped people of all ages to appreciate the importance of taking care of the environment.

Paul’s secret to creating iconic brands is setting the goal high from the beginning and building momentum as the brand grows. For Paul, it’s more than brand awareness – it’s about driving the customer’s intent to buy. The beat of a slogan or message should become the heartbeat of the customer. Paul ensures that every marketing campaign created at Route 66 Wraps & Signs tells a story that quickly becomes known and shared by everyone. Then soon after, what was once an unknown brand becomes an iconic household name.

As well as his role at Route 66 Wraps & Signs, Paul also works extensively within the waste and recycling industry. He is currently the Vice President of American Waste Control, and in 2020, he received the Waste360 40 Under 40 award. He also serves on several boards; he’s the Tulsa Christmas Parade board president, a founding board member of the American Therapeutic Riding Center, an advisory board member of Green Country Adult and Teen Challenge, and a volunteer at Tulsa International Mayfest. Paul lives in Tulsa with his five children – three boys and two girls.

Making Your Company's Brand Historic

Located on the historic U.S. Route 66 and just a few miles away from the Route 66 sign bridge in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our building is a landmark in its own right. Mr. Howie, the founder of Route 66 Wraps & Signs, has painted our headquarters with a slick, Tulsa skyline-inspired design, which makes it the perfect photo opportunity for anybody touring the historic route. We’re passionate about design, and we’re dedicated to making your company’s fleet graphics and branding as iconic as our own building.

Route 66 Wraps And Signs Tulsa, Oklahoma
53' Foot Trailer Wrap for Goodwill.

Producing vehicle wraps and signs is about far more than using Photoshop – it’s about conceptualizing an entire brand via eye-catching and truly creative artwork. Art can communicate ideas and emotions far more efficiently than words ever could, which is why every single logo, sign, or graphic we produce is created with care by our talented creative team. Our goal is to help our clients build iconic brands that will be known for generations to come.

If you want to see for yourself what our artwork looks like, be sure to drop by our headquarters and check out our iconic paint job. We’re located a couple of miles from the Route 66 sign bridge, close to downtown Tulsa and the Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza. Please don’t stop there; our work can be found all over Oklahoma.

Serving Tulsa's Institutions

Route 66 Wraps & Signs is proud to have worked with a variety of organizations that are considered Tulsa institutions. We’ve completed vehicle wraps, signs, graphics, and more for American Waste Control, the Woody Guthrie Center, Philbrook Museum of Art, and Tulsa International Airport, to name just a few.

Our marketing expertise and passion for art has allowed us to get to the heart of such renowned organizations and create graphics that exemplify their established brands while taking them to a new level.

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Route 66 Wraps & Signs is a leading specialist in Tulsa truck wraps, trailer wraps, vinyl lettering, and company vehicle graphics. Whatever your needs are, let’s discuss your project and see how we can take your business into the next generation.